Founder's Message

It is my pleasure to introduce EGA, our new gateway for education and training. I established EGA to provide high quality English language and professional training programs to women from various backgrounds and fields. EGA aims to become one of the most prestigious English language institutions in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that can support government efforts to provide Saudi women more opportunities in their chosen field or major.

Who we are?


pecifically designed to enhance skills and increase productivity for women in their professions, EGA strives to help women realize their potential in their professions without being hampered by linguistic constraints or a lack of managerial skills.
EGA provides high quality training programs to female employees of private and governmental agencies in order to develop the employees’ English language and professional skills in their related professions. Programs are designed to meet the specific English language needs of women in their areas of specialization. Nevertheless, there are other projects which are dedicated for male students as well as female students. These take place in off-site projects where there are male and female sections in schools and universities.
Biography of the Director
Ms. Heidi Omara has 18 years of experience in ELT. She has worked as a teacher for 9 years in elementary, mid and high schools. She was also ELT Consultant and Trainer for international publishing companies like Oxford University Press (OUP) and Macmillan Publishers. She edited and reviewed course books published by Macmillan Education for the Middle East. Ms. Omara presented in several ELT conferences Like EgypESOL and worked as a freelance teacher trainer for many Educational institutions. She was the Regional Director for English Gate academy’s/INTERLINK Language Centre’s English Language Project with the Technical and Vocational Training College (TVTC). Ms. Heidi Omara is currently the Director of English Gate Academy for Women.

Why Choose Us?

1) High quality of English language teaching and training provided by qualified native-speaker instructors [USA, UK, and Canada]
2) Classrooms; that are equipped with the latest learning tools and technologies to facilitate instructors’ job.
3) Flexible schedules that fit all students and employees
4) Certificates approved by the Ministry of Higher Education
5) Luxurious Place, enjoyable, and educational atmosphere 

Salient features of our programs: