The Technical and Vocational Training College

English Gate Academy and its partner INTERLINK jointly manage two programs for TVTC: The Graduate Year Program (GYP) and the Academic Year Program AYP).Offered in twenty colleges of technology around the Kingdom, the GYP is a one-year, two-semester program. Students stay in the program for just one 21-week semester, with an entirely new group in the following semester. The GYP serves students who have already graduated from their TVTC academic programs.Offered in three colleges of advanced technology, the AYP is a one-year, three-trimester program. Students spend a total of 39 weeks in three 13-week trimesters. The AYP serves students who have just completed secondary schooling.

In both programs, the students are assessed and divided into four relative proficiency levels based on the Common European Framework (pre-A1, A1, A2, B1 levels). Review of levels occurs at the end of each term. Some groups may be reshuffled, but most initial groups are expected to stay together as a cohort as their skills progress throughout their program.